why won’t nessi invite me to obon


African painted dogs (Lycaon pictus) - Planet Earth


moomins for pon! for anyone wondering, I used colored pencils and some CRAZART(?) markers a kid at school let me borrow!


moomins for pon! for anyone wondering, I used colored pencils and some CRAZART(?) markers a kid at school let me borrow!

You're awesome and an amazing person! compliments-people

Oh how cute!! ^w^ What a sweet bot

omg I got tagged by Lina!!! I think a lot of these questions are the same as the last one I did so I will try to make these answers interesting…

URL: raruraru

IRL Name: Raru????

Nickname(s): Raru

Birthday: 9th November hollaaa

Gender: Female

Sexuality: To be honest I’m doing this again just so I can show the revised version of this:


Height: I’m very small and yet somehow I always get super tall friends?? That make me jog next to them while they walk cries

Time Zone: um I think it’s GMT +8

Average hours of sleep a night: Most of the time the only reason I get so little sleep isn’t because I have to wake up early but because I automatically wake up at 8am TT^TT

Last thing googled: 'REAL ALTERNATIVES WHAT IS IT' I still don't know to be honest

Most used phrases: 'omg' '***** yaois'

First word that comes to mind: werewolves??

What I last said to a family member: ‘why is your doorknob gross’

One place that makes me happy and why: City alleys!!! Theyre fun ^^ Especially because you know that’s where all the good food’s at

How many blankets I sleep under: Two! A quilt and a light blanket covered in dolphins

Favorite beverage: Kalamansi juice is so good man I want some right now

Last movie I watched in cinemas: Uh I answered this already, it’s httyd2!! (very good). The last movie I watched was Wakolda on the plane

Three things I can’t live without: uhhh art, close friends, a bed to be honest

Something I plan on learning: I wanna learn mandarin *sweats* I’m really bad at languages though. I also want to learn how to do css!!

A piece of advice to my followers: To avoid making fried rice too moist, keep rice in a fridge or use leftover rice when cooking. Cook until rice is loose enough that it doesn’t stick on the pan but is not burnt.

ummmMM I tag moruku stormphyre & @redriyo!!! (unless your username thingy doesn’t work then I’m sorry…)


hi everyone!!! happy september lol ^^

im now taking commissions!! more info here and policy here. questions can go to my ask or email. more examples here or available on request. thank you so much for looking!!! reblogs are much appreciated >< 

I went to the museum because I heard about their Bunjilaka exhibit and saw some beautiful possum cloaks!!

Later I went to look at the bugs there *w* So cute

I was prepared for a lot of animals but I was not prepared to fall in love with big fat baby lungfishes that can walk on land with flappy flappy fins but here I am now

Leopard sharks at Melbourne Aquarium!! I like these pics a lot because they’re shitty lol